Does The Duluth National

The Duluth track sent riders around the track clockwise instead of counter-clockwise as in years past.

What a difference a year makes. Last year the Duluth National Snocross was delayed because temperatures leading up to the race were too warm to make enough snow. This year? The snow piles were so high the crowd had trouble seeing over them. Plus, the Duluth area had at least 6-8 inches of natural snowfall leading up to the race. It made for a white thanksgiving as well as for a really sweet race weekend.

We spent two days at Duluth prowling the pits and checking out the racing. The way Duluth goes you could spent a week there and not see and do everything, but here are a bunch of photos that we hope will make you feel like you were there. Read on as sledRacer takes you on a journey to the Duluth National Snocross.

We talked with Levi LaVallee for a while in his trailer. He wasn't racing and he told us why. Basically, he said the distance jump he's doing for the Red Bull New Year No Limits deal will probably be the biggest thing he does in his career and he doesn't want to put it in jeopardy by getting hurt racing. Makes sense to us.

Montana Jess came all the way from Westminster, Massachusetts, to win the Junior Novice 10-13 class.

Lee Butler and Iain Hayden are on the Rockstar Energy Polaris team this year. They were at Duluth but will race the CSRA circuit. They hold five CSRA points title between them so they should do well for Polaris.

The downhill backstretch proved tricky all weekend and many racers had trouble figuring it out. Here Tucker hibbert studies the track while T.J. Gulla takes more proactive measures and pleads his case with groomer operator and track builder Joe Duncan.

Yes, that's Bobby LePage in front of Tucker Hibbert. He stayed there for an impressive heat win, showing he has the speed to run at the front.

T.J. Gulla's 2010 season ended last year at Duluth with a broken neck. This year he led half the Pro Super Stock final before fading to fourth.

Cody Thomsen left Duluth a pretty happy racer. He won Semi-Pro Super Stock 1 on Saturday and fought off a bad start to finish second in Semi-Pro Super Stock 2 on Sunday

Brett Bender negotiates the brutal downhill backstretch. He left the race Saturday night after getting run over by a sled and got some nasty bruising in his leg and knee. He came back Sunday to take starts for points but didn't race.

How about this for parity? Saturday's Pro Super Stock podium featured all three brands. Fans hoping to see Tucker Hibbert get beat were left disappointed though as he fought from fourth place to take the win.

You won't find a collection of snowmobile race rigs bigger than this anywhere in the world.

That guy with his hands in his pockets is Pro rider Zach Pattyn. He sat out Duluth because of a broken wrist that isn't 100 percent. Zach didn't want to re-injure it and miss the whole season so he took starts for points but he should be back by the third race.

Ski-Doo rider Mike Schultz lost his leg as a result of a crash in a snocross race two years ago. He continues to pursue his passion for motorsports and rides faster than most people with two good stilts. We're not worthy.

Earl Reimer made it to Duluth to race the Pro Am Plus 30 Super Stock class. He was racing out of this converted bus. There's a lesson here for all you young kids out there, you don't need a fancy rig to go racing and have fun. Be creative!

Here is the new Ski-Doo skid. It features a sliding front arm and an overall design that looks similar to the Arctic Cat skid. You can draw your own conclusions on that.

Jennifer Pare made the long trip to Duluth from her home in LaDore, Quebec, to take a win the Pro Am Women class.

Justin Tate was at Duluth and made a clean sweep of the Pro Am Plus 30 Super Stock class, winning all his heats and the final. He also just missed the Pro Super Stock final, finishing sixth in the LCQ. Someone get that man a sponsor!

Ryan Simons had a great run in the Pro Open final. He ran as high as third and finished sixth. He's back after missing part of last season with a concussion.

Johan Lidman is from Sweden. He had a great run in the Pro Open final, running third for half the race until he was passed at the end of the last lap. He finished fourth.

What was Ross Martin thinking Sunday night? The guy led most of both Pro finals only to come in second in both to Tucker Hibbert. Not sure what to tell him.

Kirk Hibbert used to get a workout lifting big trophies. He still does, he just doesn't have to go out and win them anymore, he lets T-Train do that. Kirk was also one of the people who helped eat all the ginger snaps in the Team 68 trailer before we could get there. :(

Garry Querel owns BOSS Racing. He's a former oval racer and drag racer and has a huge passion for the sport. He walked away a happy team owner Sunday with a Pro Open podium (that makes two in a row) and a Semi-Pro Super Stock win.

BOSS Racing's Derek Ellis rode the wheels off his Ski-Doo to take the win in Sunday's Semi-Pro Super Stock 2 race. He beat Arctic Cat rider Cody Thomsen and AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports' Darren Mees.