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Drew Robertson is the man behind the success of more than a few Pro snocross riders.

This week and as often as I can I will be updating all sledracer.com fans with some nutrition and training tips. I have had the chance over the last four years to work with some of the industry’s top pros, including Logan Christian, Tim Tremblay, Robbie Malinoski, Justin Broberg, Emil Ohman, Steve Taylor and Iain Hayden, just to name a few. While working with these riders I have learned a lot working with these athletes as to what works for the sport of snocross and what doesn’t. For this article I’d like to share some of my favorite exercises, my athletes LOVE these! Well, not really, but the benefits for joint stability and overall strength are well worth the sweat left on the floor when you’re done.

Bulgarian Split Squat

I love this exercise because early in the season we can perform it with little or no weight and do high reps, or later and if the situation calls for it, we can load the athlete up and work on their strength. Unlike a single leg squat this exercise still requires some balance do to the fact that we have only one foot on the ground, it carries with it less liability when we add weight.



-          make sure with your rear leg (the one on the bench) that your on your toe

-          under control you’ll lower yourself as shown, feeling the stretch through your hip flexor on your trailing / rear leg.

-          Pushing through your heel on the lead leg, drive back up to the starting position

Front Squat

-          LOVE THIS version of the squat!!!

-          Can also preformed with DB’s

-          Make sure to maintain and upright position while performing this squat

-          When you start, try a lighter weight that you use for a back squat

-          You’ll find that this squat involves a lot more of your core than a back squat

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