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Things are slow in the snowmobile racing world these days, so here is some stuff to get your tracks spinning:

How sweet was it to ride a Redline? The world may never know.

Remember when Polaris agreed to acquire Global Electric Motorcars back in April? Remember Redline snowmobiles? Well, when Redline was supposedly ramping up for production the California-based company contracted GEM to build the sleds. Is there something Polaris knows that we don’t?

This season the Pros on the ISOC National series will race mods only, no stockers. And they will race a double weekend format, so with seven race weekends there will actually be 14 points races, two per weekend. ISOC says this will make for a more exciting points chase along the lines of Supercross or NASCAR.

With the X Games announcing its expansion does that mean the potential for more snowmobile events? X Games Europe had a snowmobile demo this year, will they move forward with full-on medal comps?

Word is the USCC plans to introduce a vintage IFS class. Stay tuned.

Speaking of the USCC, with the passing of Pat Mach this past February there are still questions about who is running things and where the circuit is headed. After talking with interim Race Director Jesse Strege and after attending the USCC awards banquet we can tell you the Mach family has no intention of selling the circuit. In fact, they are all about moving forward with the USCC. Also, Strege is already on board as Race Director for next year.

We’ve heard some rumors Yamaha may be coming back to race on a limited, grassroots basis.

sledRacer was sorry to see Jeff Goodwin go.

You’ve probably all heard by now that, as of May 10,  Jeff Goodwin is no longer with BRP as North American Snowmobile Racing Manager. Ski-Doo racers received a letter announcing the change. Marcel Imbault is interim race manager.

Polaris has been repping the same race sled since 2005, will this be the year they come out with a new buggy? Tom Rager Sr. hinted at it in our sit-down with him last year, we’ve talked to people who know people who’ve seen it, will this be the year they release it? A RUSH-based sled would offer many advantages with its bonded chassis and updated bodywork. Our best guess says it will be a RUSH from the drive shaft forward and an IQ from the drive shaft back.

Speaking of race sleds, someone told us the 600cc Arctic Cat race sled will use the same Pro Cross chassis you can buy at your dealer. In other words, it will be a production chassis with race specific parts. That would make sense since the Pro Cross is basically an improved Sno Pro chassis. We’re guessing it should come in pretty light too since the hood/airbox assembly on the production sled weighs 25 pounds. The hood is basically the airbox and the weight comes as a result of efforts to reduce sound. The Cat guys could easily spec out a race-specific airbox and use a shell hood like the current Sno Pro, saving a bunch of weight.

That’s it for now, sledRacer fans.

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