Pennsylvania Passes Vintage Snowmobile Registration Bill

Pennsylvania state rep. Matt Gabler.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed into law Pennsylvania House Bill 2151 which amends Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code to create a reduced-cost permit for the limited use of vintage snowmobiles. The bill was authored by state rep Matt Gabler.

The bill allows owners of vintage snowmobiles (sleds 25 years old or older) to buy a one-time $20 license which allows the sled to be operated while participating in vintage snowmobile events. The license is good as long as the owner has the sled and it also exempts the owner from having to buy liability insurance.

“Many people own vintage snowmobiles and rarely run them, and I didn’t feel it is necessary to register them annually,” said Gabler. “This legislation enables them to briefly operate the vehicles during designated vintage events with a reduced, one-time fee.”

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