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After a long off season filled with changes and planning for the 2013 Season its time to finally start sharing what the DL team has been up to in the off season.

After a 2011-2012 season that had its share of ups and downs DL Racing and Team owner Don LaBean decided it was time to make a change to hopefully give the team that surge and boost to take this years SOO I-500 checkered flag. That move was a big one and it involved some help from BRP and Ski Doo Race Director Tom Lawrence as the team will be piloting the new Ski Doo MXZX RS 600’s this season. “We’re really excited to partner with DL Racing this season” said Tom Lawrence Ski-Doo Racing Coordinator. “This team has the highest level of professionalism.  I am confident they will represent themselves and Ski Doo in the highest manner, and we look forward to a successful season with them.”

Don Labean followed that with “I’m excited to have a factory that is willing to support DL Racing now and into the future. Which in the same aspect, DL is proud to promote the Ski Doo brand name. We both have similar goals; to put out top of the line equipment, surround ourselves with excellent staff & drivers, and illuminate the Ski Doo / DL names with top finishes.” This is going to be a great season.

The team is equally excited about the switch as riders (Justin Tate and Shane Felegy) will be turning there outside programs of Cross Country/Snowcross and Champ Oval Sprint Racing over to BRP/Ski Doo products as well. Jeff Leuenberger will be back on the brand that helped guide him to a big Soo I-500 win and MIRA Points Championships. Jeff stated “ Ski Doo speaks for themselves, power to weight that is unmatched, fuel economy that is exquisite, and handling that is unmatched across the industry. Ive had great success on the XP chassis in the past and myself and the team look forward to taking the new sleds to the winners circle each week.”

After an entire career spent with Polaris Ind. Shane Felegy is eager to throw a leg over the new MXZX to see if it cant help bring out the best of the team he added “I am very excited about the switch. Polaris has treated me very well for a very long time, making the switch to Ski-Doo will be a change of pace for us. The Soo isn’t very far away but with the great resources and help that BRP has already shown us I believe we will come into this season even more prepared than ever.”

Stay tuned as the Team is currently working on all the new sponsor agreements and prototyping on the new sleds and we will get pictures out as soon as they are available. Be sure to stop in and see us at Haydays as well, we will be helping out with the Woodys Traction crew all weekend.

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