LMB Speed Shop Ready For Soo I-500

Yup, one of the fastest teams in enduro racing runs out of this small shop.

On the eve of qualifying for the Soo I-500 we are ready to post our last pre-race update for the team. The race in Escanaba for the TLR Cup was postponed due to weather and the Caro 150 enduro was cancelled so the team has had little time to get their feet wet this season. Regardless, they are ready for the Soo this weekend. Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

Eric Bouman says the shop isn't big and it gets crowded when its full of sleds and parts, but it works.

Sometimes they start a sled just to get that smell of horsepower back in the shop.

They even built a trophy case. Gotta keep these babies dust-free.

The team runs their own custom front suspension on all their race sleds. This year they designed the suspension in a 3D CAD program.

Eric said the a-arm suspension was more tricky to lay out than the trailing arm setup. The CNC machine ran for about 20 hours total once it was all said and done.

The team is excited about their suspension setup. Eric said last year it worked great, especially when track conditions deteriorated to dirt later in the race.

Digatron came on board and hooked the team up with gauges and sensors for the sled.

The Digatron setup allows the team to look back at RPM, MPH, EGTs and Water Temp for each run. They are trying to learn as much as they can about the computer program before the race. Eric says that contrary to what the crew chief thinks it's hard to watch the tach going down the straight at 100+.

Having a machinist on the team means no part escapes his super-critical eye. Clutches get trued so they run perfect.

Part of winning at the Soo means making sure every single part of your sled survives and performs for the entire race.

Heads have just the right amount of squish and compression.

Heads getting CC'ed.

These are reeds from last year's race. They came apart and the team thinks they know why...

So they built a new custom airbox. In the process they made it so it was quicker to remove and replace. Eric said you never know what you're going to have to fix during the race and any time you can make something better and easier to work with you have to.

The front heat exchanger was relocated to help keep it from getting damaged by roost.

These guys have raced for a while and they know they need to look good so they can represent the people who sponsor them the best they can.

ArcticFX Graphics is a big help in getting that done. Their graphics make the LMB sleds look awesome.

All loaded up and ready. Anyone who has been this far knows the feeling.

See you at the Soo!





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