2014 Race Sleds

Well, everyone’s thrown their hat into the ring with new race sleds. Seems the 128 is the sweet spot for track length. Here’s what’s new:


The chassis changes are significant also with a longer overall length, new rear suspension geometry, new steering system and refined front suspension. Most noticeable is the lengthened and tilted tunnel at the rear to better handle tail landings on the new 128-inch length track. The rMotion Racing suspension gets reworked with longer rails to match the track, a 2 3⁄4 inch (70 mm) longer front arm with new mounting points, revised coupling system and completely recalibrated KYB Pro 40 shocks. The suspension geometry changes and longer track will provide much better traction for starts and better bump absorption in the nasty snocross style bumps.

The front of the MX Zx 600RS gets a new top A-Arm mount and new rack style steering system with increased leverage. The new mounting location of the A-arm provides better caster characteristics as the suspension cycles through its travel and the rack steering system eliminates any bump steer while taking less work to turn. Steering effort is reduced enough that racers will feel like power steering is a part of the changes. Additionally the spindle length increases 5mm and the top ball-joint and spindle have increased tapered mating surfaces for a 135% strength increase.

Complimenting the platform and chassis changes are some engine updates to the cylinder and intake system. The cylinders will have tighter tolerances and better finishing for improved flow, while the carburetors increase to 40mm in size. Combined with the new intake tract, V-Force3 carbon fiber reeds, and less restrictive muffler, racers will see better performance from low in the RPM’s all the way to peak power output at 8400 rpm.

Recap of changes:
• New REV-XS Body Style
• New, Longer Rear Suspension
• New 128 inch Track
• New Longer and Tilted Tunnel
• New Front Suspension Geometry
• New Rack Steering System with reduced steering effort
• Increased Cooling Capacity
• Improved Clutch Calibration
• Improved ECM Calibration
• 40mm Carburetors

Arctic Cat:
See the snocross spec sheet here.
See the cross-country spec sheet here.
See the mountain spec sheet here.

Arctic Cat 2014 race updates
• New spindles (more material removed to reduce weight)
• New ski rubber (improved front suspension handling characteristics)
• New tie rod tubes (larger diameter for increased strength)
• New side panels with added venting
• New driven shaft for improved durability and ease of assembly
• New top bearing in dropcase to accept “floating” driven shaft design
• New track driveshaft and track drive sprockets (revised pitch and tooth profile, broached hex for increased insertion force)
• New running board stiffeners for increased strength and added traction
• New seat cover for improved durability
• New brake caliper with low compression seals for improved level feel and faster-reacting brake
• New idler arm for improved durability
• New lightweight idler wheel mounting blocks (magnesium with 6mm mounting hardware)
• New rear axle adjuster blocks with added nylock nut to prevent track adjustment bolts from backing out
• Modified exhaust (similar to 2012 Sno Pro for improved engine durability)


Feature Updates on the 2014 Polaris IQ Race Sled
Re-engineered elements of the 2014 Polaris IQ Race Sled include:

• NEW Lightweight Crankshaft
The new lightweight crankshaft features a design that provides the same balance as the previous crankshaft – with a 2.5-pound weight reduction in rotating mass.

This results in a 25% reduction in inertia, improved throttle response and increased acceleration. Racers will achieve better holeshots, and the engine will reach its optimal operating RPM faster.

• NEW 128″ Rear Suspension
Polaris® racers will benefit from the increased traction of the new 128″ rear suspension and new 128″ track. This new setup delivers better holeshots, better stability in whoops sections, and improved cornering.

Similar to the setup that Polaris teams have raced with great success in the Mod class for more than four seasons, this new rear suspension is based on the original IQ® Race geometry, with new rail beams and tunnel components to package the longer track length. The 2014 Polaris IQ Race Sled utilizes an aggressive new 128″ Sno-XT track.

“Along with delivering an improved holeshot, the new rear suspension tracks straighter in the whoops sections, and results in less ski lift for enhanced turning,” Prusak said. “Our cross-country racers in particular will benefit from the improved high-speed stability.”

Along with the new 128″ rear suspension, additional improvements were made to enhance performance and reliability.

• Updated Shock Calibration
Polaris engineers, race teams and the technicians at Walker Evans Racing have combined forces to recalibrate the Walker Evans® shocks used in the race sled’s front and rear suspension. The updates are designed to ensure consistently outstanding performance from green flag to checkered on demanding terrain such as extreme snocross tracks.

• NEW Brake Pads
The new Hayes™ Type 126 brake pads were developed to deliver consistently reliable braking as brake systems heat up during aggressive racing action. Racers will also see an improvement in brake pad life.

• NEW MY14 Racing Graphics
While Polaris racing teams will customize their sleds with team graphics, racing numbers and sponsor logos, they’ll start with a new look that features a white hood, red belly pan, accents of red, white and blue, and Polaris graphics. The 2014 race sled also has a low white windshield.

Race-Winning Power & Suspension
The 2014 IQ Race Sled is built on the strong, durable and lightweight Polaris-exclusive IQ® Chassis. Advanced assembly techniques minimize the parts count to keep weight to a minimum while delivering maximum strength and reliability.

The race sled is powered by the Polaris Liberty® 600 engine. It delivers class-leading acceleration for outstanding holeshots as well as impressive horsepower across the entire RPM range.

The liquid-cooled Polaris Liberty 600 twin has twin Mikuni Rack TM 40 carburetors, NiCaSil-lined cylinders for efficient heat dispersion and the Polaris VES (Variable Exhaust System) for maximum power and instant throttle response. The power delivery is managed by the legendary Polaris P-85 drive clutch and a Lightweight TEAM™ Roller driven clutch.

Polaris racers can fine-tune their front and rear suspension performance with the Walker Evans 16-click compression-adjustable shocks. The race sled’s IFS uses Walker Evans Aluminum IFP 16 Position Compression Adjustable Shocks with Piggyback Reservoirs.

Recreational riders can enjoy the same outstanding IFS as Polaris racers, as the race sled’s IFS design is used on Polaris Switchback® models and on RUSH® models built on the PRO-RIDE™ Chassis.

In the IQ® Rear Suspension, the front track shock is a Walker Evans Coil Over Shock with 16-position compression adjustability, and the rear track shock is a Walker Evans Aluminum IFP 16 Position Compression and Rebound Adjustable Large Body Shock.

The new Polaris IQ Race Sled was developed for use by Polaris snocross and cross-country racers. The suspension and shock packages described here are intended primarily for snocross racing, and the Polaris Racing Department is providing cross-country racers with shock tuning information and setup recommendations for terrain racing.

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