Project Indy

Christensen's sled as seen in Bunke Racing's shop. This sled could tell some stories.

Last season Bunke Racing took a Polaris 600 Indy racing and, with Eric Christensen behind the bars, won the USXC 40+ class. This year Bunke Racing has put all the critical parts they used to make that sled race-ready and put them in a package anyone can buy. Chad Colby saw this and thought it would be an easy way to turn a good trail sled into a great one.

Colby is a former Pro cross-country racer and is meticulous about machine prep. He's not afraid to take a new sled completely apart and that's where he started.

Colby likes to have his motors worked - crank trued and phased, etc. You'd be surprised how far off some of this stuff can be straight from the factory.

While Polaris doesn't like using the F word, the Fusion actually had a pretty good skid, and that's where the Indy rail design comes from.

You can see the arms on this thing are ready for some rough use. The shocks? Not so much . More on that later.

Colby checks all the bearings and fasteners in the sled just to make sure. These shafts will be squared. Everything will be loctited.

Chaincase is gone through.

It may not be as high-tech as some other 600s, but the Liberty 600 is a powerful, bulletproof mill.

Polaris handlebars don't have the most comfortable bend, so Colby swapped them out and replaced them with a full ROX setup.

The skid is disassembled.

Everything will be powdercoated red or black.

Colby strayed from the Bunke Racing plan and went with a full Stage 2 SLP engine package complete with pipe and fuel controller setup. This should free up some ponies.

Since this will be a trail sled, Colby opted to install a Trail Tech Voyager Moto GPS.

Bunke Racing is sponsored by Woody's, but Colby opted for Stud Boy.

Colby spotted an Assault seat that would match his sled's design better than the stock, plain black seat.

Once Colby saw the seat in person he knew he'd made the right decision. This thing pops.

Remember those rear skid shocks? Here they are next to the Walker Evans shocks that will replace them. These are straight from Bunke Racing and run the same valving as the race sled.

Here is the full shock package. Bunke worked directly with Walker Evans getting these things tuned.

Like the skid, the front suspension is totally capable and is pretty much the same as what comes on the race sled. All it needs are good shocks.

Here are some more Bunke Racing pieces - CNC cut tunnel braces. You'll need 'em.

Fits like a glove.

Another non-Bunke Racing part is this SLP engine brace. Probably gonna need that too.

Here are the ROX bars with the Trail Tech computer mounted.

ROX Flex-Tec handguards are nice pieces. They are designed to flex and not break.

Firing up the Trail Tech. If you know Colby you know he'll probably be sending e-mails with this and using it control a drone that's flying behind him and filming him while he rides...while he's riding.

Another Bunke Racing part is this SLP lightweight brake disc. The stock brake disc really isn't up to racing so they replace it with this one. Much better.

Skid parts are back from the powder coater.

Going back together, everything is squared up and loctited.

Here's the finished skid complete with Walker Evans shocks.

Notice the attention to detail in things such as the billet shock reservoir holder.

Going back together - everything is checked and double checked. Wiring gets sealed. The brake disc is in place.

On the other side you can see the SLP engine brace and how it is designed to help keep center-to-center consistent.

The sled is pretty much together minus bodywork. That oil tank? You don't get that on the race sled - most cross-country racers choose to add oil injection. With the Indy you're already ahead of the game.

With the Bunke kit the stock 1-inch track is replaced with a Camoplast Ripsaw II 1.25-inc track. Colby added 144 of Stud Boy's finest complete with Super Pro Lite backers, all in the center belt. It should hook up.

Off to the graphics shop.

Luckily this all makes sense to the sticker guy.

To finish off the sled Colby went with his old friend Jordan Yankee at ArcticFX Graphics. Jordan also sets up Bunke Racing with their wraps as well as some other guy named Burandt.

This is how it should come from Polaris. Full Bunke Racing package, SLP Stage 2 engine package, Trail Tech computer, ROX bar setup, Stud Boy traction and ArcticFX makin' it look good.





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