Cat Adds Malfitano As VP, North American Sales

Matt Malfitano

Plymouth, Minn. (Sept. 10, 2013) – Arctic Cat is happy to announce that Matt Malfitano is joining Arctic Cat as Vice President of North American Sales. Matt will be responsible for leading Arctic Cat’s sales, national accounts and dealer development efforts in the United States and Canada.
Matt brings extensive experience leading dealer-based sales organizations, in both start- ups and in more mature market segments. His keen business acumen will make him a tremendous addition to the management team.

Most recently, Matt served as Director of Global Sales and Operations for Fisker Automotive, a luxury hybrid electric vehicle manufacturer. Prior to that, Matt served as Vice President of Sales Operations for Maserati/Alfa Romeo North America and as Senior Director of Global Sales and Marketing with Eclipse Aviation.

Earlier in his career, Matt worked for Ford Motor Company’s Volvo Division as Vice President of Sales for the Western Region. He also held progressively responsible positions within Volvo in sales, marketing, retail operations and after sales support.

Matt is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He graduated from Lynn University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He will relocate to the Minneapolis area from California in the coming months.

2014 Race Sleds

Well, everyone’s thrown their hat into the ring with new race sleds. Seems the 128 is the sweet spot for track length. Here’s what’s new:


The chassis changes are significant also with a longer overall length, new rear suspension geometry, new steering system and refined front suspension. Most noticeable is the lengthened and tilted tunnel at the rear to better handle tail landings on the new 128-inch length track. The rMotion Racing suspension gets reworked with longer rails to match the track, a 2 3⁄4 inch (70 mm) longer front arm with new mounting points, revised coupling system and completely recalibrated KYB Pro 40 shocks. The suspension geometry changes and longer track will provide much better traction for starts and better bump absorption in the nasty snocross style bumps.

The front of the MX Zx 600RS gets a new top A-Arm mount and new rack style steering system with increased leverage. The new mounting location of the A-arm provides better caster characteristics as the suspension cycles through its travel and the rack steering system eliminates any bump steer while taking less work to turn. Steering effort is reduced enough that racers will feel like power steering is a part of the changes. Additionally the spindle length increases 5mm and the top ball-joint and spindle have increased tapered mating surfaces for a 135% strength increase.

Complimenting the platform and chassis changes are some engine updates to the cylinder and intake system. The cylinders will have tighter tolerances and better finishing for improved flow, while the carburetors increase to 40mm in size. Combined with the new intake tract, V-Force3 carbon fiber reeds, and less restrictive muffler, racers will see better performance from low in the RPM’s all the way to peak power output at 8400 rpm.

Recap of changes:
• New REV-XS Body Style
• New, Longer Rear Suspension
• New 128 inch Track
• New Longer and Tilted Tunnel
• New Front Suspension Geometry
• New Rack Steering System with reduced steering effort
• Increased Cooling Capacity
• Improved Clutch Calibration
• Improved ECM Calibration
• 40mm Carburetors

Arctic Cat:
See the snocross spec sheet here.
See the cross-country spec sheet here.
See the mountain spec sheet here.

Arctic Cat 2014 race updates
• New spindles (more material removed to reduce weight)
• New ski rubber (improved front suspension handling characteristics)
• New tie rod tubes (larger diameter for increased strength)
• New side panels with added venting
• New driven shaft for improved durability and ease of assembly
• New top bearing in dropcase to accept “floating” driven shaft design
• New track driveshaft and track drive sprockets (revised pitch and tooth profile, broached hex for increased insertion force)
• New running board stiffeners for increased strength and added traction
• New seat cover for improved durability
• New brake caliper with low compression seals for improved level feel and faster-reacting brake
• New idler arm for improved durability
• New lightweight idler wheel mounting blocks (magnesium with 6mm mounting hardware)
• New rear axle adjuster blocks with added nylock nut to prevent track adjustment bolts from backing out
• Modified exhaust (similar to 2012 Sno Pro for improved engine durability)


Feature Updates on the 2014 Polaris IQ Race Sled
Re-engineered elements of the 2014 Polaris IQ Race Sled include:

• NEW Lightweight Crankshaft
The new lightweight crankshaft features a design that provides the same balance as the previous crankshaft – with a 2.5-pound weight reduction in rotating mass.

This results in a 25% reduction in inertia, improved throttle response and increased acceleration. Racers will achieve better holeshots, and the engine will reach its optimal operating RPM faster.

• NEW 128″ Rear Suspension
Polaris® racers will benefit from the increased traction of the new 128″ rear suspension and new 128″ track. This new setup delivers better holeshots, better stability in whoops sections, and improved cornering.

Similar to the setup that Polaris teams have raced with great success in the Mod class for more than four seasons, this new rear suspension is based on the original IQ® Race geometry, with new rail beams and tunnel components to package the longer track length. The 2014 Polaris IQ Race Sled utilizes an aggressive new 128″ Sno-XT track.

“Along with delivering an improved holeshot, the new rear suspension tracks straighter in the whoops sections, and results in less ski lift for enhanced turning,” Prusak said. “Our cross-country racers in particular will benefit from the improved high-speed stability.”

Along with the new 128″ rear suspension, additional improvements were made to enhance performance and reliability.

• Updated Shock Calibration
Polaris engineers, race teams and the technicians at Walker Evans Racing have combined forces to recalibrate the Walker Evans® shocks used in the race sled’s front and rear suspension. The updates are designed to ensure consistently outstanding performance from green flag to checkered on demanding terrain such as extreme snocross tracks.

• NEW Brake Pads
The new Hayes™ Type 126 brake pads were developed to deliver consistently reliable braking as brake systems heat up during aggressive racing action. Racers will also see an improvement in brake pad life.

• NEW MY14 Racing Graphics
While Polaris racing teams will customize their sleds with team graphics, racing numbers and sponsor logos, they’ll start with a new look that features a white hood, red belly pan, accents of red, white and blue, and Polaris graphics. The 2014 race sled also has a low white windshield.

Race-Winning Power & Suspension
The 2014 IQ Race Sled is built on the strong, durable and lightweight Polaris-exclusive IQ® Chassis. Advanced assembly techniques minimize the parts count to keep weight to a minimum while delivering maximum strength and reliability.

The race sled is powered by the Polaris Liberty® 600 engine. It delivers class-leading acceleration for outstanding holeshots as well as impressive horsepower across the entire RPM range.

The liquid-cooled Polaris Liberty 600 twin has twin Mikuni Rack TM 40 carburetors, NiCaSil-lined cylinders for efficient heat dispersion and the Polaris VES (Variable Exhaust System) for maximum power and instant throttle response. The power delivery is managed by the legendary Polaris P-85 drive clutch and a Lightweight TEAM™ Roller driven clutch.

Polaris racers can fine-tune their front and rear suspension performance with the Walker Evans 16-click compression-adjustable shocks. The race sled’s IFS uses Walker Evans Aluminum IFP 16 Position Compression Adjustable Shocks with Piggyback Reservoirs.

Recreational riders can enjoy the same outstanding IFS as Polaris racers, as the race sled’s IFS design is used on Polaris Switchback® models and on RUSH® models built on the PRO-RIDE™ Chassis.

In the IQ® Rear Suspension, the front track shock is a Walker Evans Coil Over Shock with 16-position compression adjustability, and the rear track shock is a Walker Evans Aluminum IFP 16 Position Compression and Rebound Adjustable Large Body Shock.

The new Polaris IQ Race Sled was developed for use by Polaris snocross and cross-country racers. The suspension and shock packages described here are intended primarily for snocross racing, and the Polaris Racing Department is providing cross-country racers with shock tuning information and setup recommendations for terrain racing.

Team LaVallee Signs With FXR

FXR is proud to announce that nine – time Winter X Games medalist and current world record holder for longest snowmobile distance jump (412ft.), Levi LaVallee has now joined Team FXR manufacture of World Class Outerwear. Levi and the rest of Team LaVallee, including Kyle Pallin, who’s race highlights include a bronze at Clash of Nations in Sweden, Jake Scott, who holds fifteen Eastern Racing Circuit titles and last years Pro Lites Champion, and new comer Andy Lieders, the second place overall points champion for the 2013 Pro Lites class, have entered a multi-year contract with FXR.

A revolutionary icon in freestyle snowmobiling, Levi who was named the nineteenth most influential person in Action Sports by ESPN, has been on FXR’s radar since he stepped onto the ISOC circuit. Over the past five years Levi has consistently won the ISOC fan favorite award, making him the ideal person to represent FXR on and off the racing stage.

Levi’s mutual interest in FXR’s style on the track dedicated to development and consistent commitment made us his first choice when he was looking for a clothing sponsor to partner with for 2014 and beyond. FXR has always focused on working with top athletes to develop high performance outerwear that meets the demands of the most skilled athletes; FXR is looking forward to doing the same with Levi and Team LaVallee. With LaVallee’s freestyle and race experience he will be asset to our R&D team.

Levi’s first appearance in FXR was at FOX’s Time Square celebration for their initial public offering into the NASDAQ Stock Market, where Levi performed a ramp-to-ramp jump on his snowmobile in front of a crowd of thousands.

Sporting FXR’s Podium Warp MX gear, Levi lit up the big apple in an epic start to the FXR- Team LaVallee relationship.

ISR Purchased By Achterberg

Eagle River, WI: International Snowmobile Racing, Inc. (ISR) has been purchased by Todd Achterberg and is now located in Eagle River, WI at 1527 N. Railroad Street in the World Snowmobile Headquarters building. Achterberg is the former General Manager of the AMSOIL Eagle River Derby Track and brings 13 years of management and experience with snowmobile racing to ISR.

Formed 31 years ago by Richard Goekey, Thomas Zernia and Olav Aaen, ISR provides a common ground and rules structure for the many different snowmobile sanctioning bodies, clubs and organizations that wish to conduct races in a safe and organized manner.

As owner and CEO of ISR, Achterberg’s strong leadership skills and playing an active role in the daily activity of the company will provide a strong foundation for IRS to move forward. His past Derby experience has given him the opportunity to work first hand in every aspect of snowmobile racing. This experience and knowledge of the industry will allow him to pave the way for even greater growth of snowmobile racing in the coming years.

“ISR has already started on the development of new programs that will launch in the coming months. These will bring additional opportunities for race promoters and organizations to produce improved events. We are building on a 20 year long commitment to conduct snowmobile races that fit and fulfill the needs of these organizations,” Achterberg states.

For more information visit ISR’s website at httpo:// or call 715-617-5054 to speak to Todd.

Project Indy

Christensen's sled as seen in Bunke Racing's shop. This sled could tell some stories.

Last season Bunke Racing took a Polaris 600 Indy racing and, with Eric Christensen behind the bars, won the USXC 40+ class. This year Bunke Racing has put all the critical parts they used to make that sled race-ready and put them in a package anyone can buy. Chad Colby saw this and thought it would be an easy way to turn a good trail sled into a great one.

Colby is a former Pro cross-country racer and is meticulous about machine prep. He's not afraid to take a new sled completely apart and that's where he started.

Colby likes to have his motors worked - crank trued and phased, etc. You'd be surprised how far off some of this stuff can be straight from the factory.

While Polaris doesn't like using the F word, the Fusion actually had a pretty good skid, and that's where the Indy rail design comes from.

You can see the arms on this thing are ready for some rough use. The shocks? Not so much . More on that later.

Colby checks all the bearings and fasteners in the sled just to make sure. These shafts will be squared. Everything will be loctited.

Chaincase is gone through.

It may not be as high-tech as some other 600s, but the Liberty 600 is a powerful, bulletproof mill.

Polaris handlebars don't have the most comfortable bend, so Colby swapped them out and replaced them with a full ROX setup.

The skid is disassembled.

Everything will be powdercoated red or black.

Colby strayed from the Bunke Racing plan and went with a full Stage 2 SLP engine package complete with pipe and fuel controller setup. This should free up some ponies.

Since this will be a trail sled, Colby opted to install a Trail Tech Voyager Moto GPS.

Bunke Racing is sponsored by Woody's, but Colby opted for Stud Boy.

Colby spotted an Assault seat that would match his sled's design better than the stock, plain black seat.

Once Colby saw the seat in person he knew he'd made the right decision. This thing pops.

Remember those rear skid shocks? Here they are next to the Walker Evans shocks that will replace them. These are straight from Bunke Racing and run the same valving as the race sled.

Here is the full shock package. Bunke worked directly with Walker Evans getting these things tuned.

Like the skid, the front suspension is totally capable and is pretty much the same as what comes on the race sled. All it needs are good shocks.

Here are some more Bunke Racing pieces - CNC cut tunnel braces. You'll need 'em.

Fits like a glove.

Another non-Bunke Racing part is this SLP engine brace. Probably gonna need that too.

Here are the ROX bars with the Trail Tech computer mounted.

ROX Flex-Tec handguards are nice pieces. They are designed to flex and not break.

Firing up the Trail Tech. If you know Colby you know he'll probably be sending e-mails with this and using it control a drone that's flying behind him and filming him while he rides...while he's riding.

Another Bunke Racing part is this SLP lightweight brake disc. The stock brake disc really isn't up to racing so they replace it with this one. Much better.

Skid parts are back from the powder coater.

Going back together, everything is squared up and loctited.

Here's the finished skid complete with Walker Evans shocks.

Notice the attention to detail in things such as the billet shock reservoir holder.

Going back together - everything is checked and double checked. Wiring gets sealed. The brake disc is in place.

On the other side you can see the SLP engine brace and how it is designed to help keep center-to-center consistent.

The sled is pretty much together minus bodywork. That oil tank? You don't get that on the race sled - most cross-country racers choose to add oil injection. With the Indy you're already ahead of the game.

With the Bunke kit the stock 1-inch track is replaced with a Camoplast Ripsaw II 1.25-inc track. Colby added 144 of Stud Boy's finest complete with Super Pro Lite backers, all in the center belt. It should hook up.

Off to the graphics shop.

Luckily this all makes sense to the sticker guy.

To finish off the sled Colby went with his old friend Jordan Yankee at ArcticFX Graphics. Jordan also sets up Bunke Racing with their wraps as well as some other guy named Burandt.

This is how it should come from Polaris. Full Bunke Racing package, SLP Stage 2 engine package, Trail Tech computer, ROX bar setup, Stud Boy traction and ArcticFX makin' it look good.





BOSS Racing Signs Mees, Narsa

Petter Narsa

Winnipeg, Manitoba- September 3, 2013 – BOSS Racing is pleased to announce the signing of Pro athlete, Darrin Mees for the 2013-14 race season. Mees is a well respected snocross athlete with many noteworthy wins to his credit. He was nominated as the 2012 Rookie of the Year and has since established a solid reputation for finishing in the top five on the national series. In 11-12 he finished the season 4th overall and was holding the 5th place slot in 12-13 when an injury to his knee slowed his momentum.

Darrin brings a welcome good nature and hard work ethic to the program. His quiet nature belies his competitive drive- he is fast, consistent and truly one of the best hopefuls on the circuit for the championship.

BOSS has also inked a new multi- year deal with Petter Narsa, returning him for the Team Jimmy John’s snocross team. The internationally acclaimed Swedish born snocross athlete, was the fastest qualifier headed into the main at the 2013 Winter X Games, and finished second overall against Tucker Hibbert in the prestigious Clash De Nations this past spring.

“ We are positioning all of our assets to focus on the Pro Class this season and we are eager to get underway. The boys are already hard at work- they are really stepping up their game this season.” – Garry Querel

Like BOSS Racing on Facebook, or log onto for current information.

BRP Produces Its 3 Millionth Ski-Doo Snowmobile

Valcourt, Québec, August 30, 2013 – BRP produced yesterday its three millionth Ski-Doo snowmobile, the 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X E-TEC 800R model, in its Valcourt, Québec manufacturing facility, 54 years after the Ski-Doo snowmobile was born in 1959.

“From design to engineering, to the assembly line via marketing, sales and many more, BRP employees have made this milestone possible by striving for quality, innovative and industry- leading products that continually reinvent the sport,” said José Boisjoli, president and CEO. “I want to thank all of them for their hard work, commitment and dedication over the years, without them, this accomplishment would not have been possible.”

It has been exactly 40 years, day for day, since the millionth snowmobile, a 1974 Ski-Doo T’NT Everest 440 model was produced, and 20 years since the second millionth, a 1994 Ski-Doo Summit snowmobile.
“All our employees, but particularly the ones in Gunskirchen, Austria and Valcourt, Canada, have made us the world leader on snow,” said Gerd Ohrnberger, vice-president and general manager, Product Engineering and Manufacturing Operations division. ”They are the best in the world at designing and manufacturing engines and vehicles.”

The 3,000,000th Ski-Doo snowmobile was originally destined for the European market. It will instead join the millionth and two millionth Ski-Doo sleds at the J. Armand Bombardier Museum in Valcourt.
Coincidentally, the 2 and 3 millionth snowmobiles are both Summit models. The original Ski-Doo Summit snowmobile was the first OEM sled designed specifically for the unique character of mountain snowmobiling. In the model’s 20th anniversary year, BRP is still leading the mountain snowmobile segment with the most specialized sled in the market.

Marchbank To Head Up SHOF

Loren Anderson (L) and Marchbank

The Board of Directors of the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum (SHOF), held their annual summer meeting in the SHOF Ramstad Conference Room Sat, Aug 10, 2013. It was area resident Loren Anderson’s last meeting as President of the non-profit organization, founded in Minocqua in 1981-82. Loren served as President for over 30 years. The SHOF has operated a HOF and museum for the last 21 years in St. Germain and was in Eagle River and Minocqua for short periods as well. What began as a trail ride with C J Ramstad the publisher of several snowmobile magazines in the early 80′s, ended up with Loren, local racer and businessman Mike Trapp and Larry Bosacki of the famous Boathouse, deciding they should start a HOF for the spot. It was one of those moments: “If not us, who. If not now when?” Thirty years later, some 100 inductees have been enshrined and the organization owns their own land and building on a beautiful wooded campus on St.Germain’s west side on Hwy 70. The collection of sleds in the museum, is well respected throughout the world as one of the most prized and valuable collections in the sport. Loren retired from the organization as of the end of the board meeting having seen his dream come true. Said Loren: “I look forward to spending more time enjoying the Northwood’s, traveling and especially being with my grandkids. You know they all have had their own sleds from age 5 on.”

Besides serving as leader of the SHOF, Loren managed a career in the building, land development, real estate and design field. He spent some 12 years racing Formula I sleds, owning a race team his son raced on and serving on snowmobile related boards and commissions. His long and busy career included a stint as Legislative Chair of the Wisconsin Builders Association and a director of the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, DC. Two of the Anderson firms buildings won national design awards from the ARA. Loren also worked for Gov. Tommy Thompson as an administrator in the Dept of Commerce for 4 years and later at State Fair Park on the board and as race director, where he is one of the people credited for saving racing at the Park and keeping the famous Milwaukee Mile alive, bringing back NASCAR and Indy Car racing. During these years he also managed to serve as presidents of the Lake Geneva, Minocqua and St. Germain Chambers. He was a founding member and chairman of the Faith Ev. Free Church in Minocqua. Loren’s wife Carola worked along his side for over 20 years helping as volunteer and office worker. Until two years ago, the SHOF had no paid employees as all work has been done by volunteers like the Andersons.

The SHOF board had a work day prior to the meeting as they moved some 30 sleds around and made ready for a new and spectacular display of speed sleds including the 3 famous and historical Boss Cats. The SHOF has over 200 sleds available for display but only around 100 are on display at any one time. The Board members come from as far as Massachusetts, North Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and of course Wisconsin.

Craig Marchbank of New Lennox, Ill and Tomahawk, WI was elected to serve as new president of the Board. Craig has been a life-long sled head and was the longest serving factory driver for ski-doo drag racing efforts, having just retired a few years ago with the most Ski-Doo wins in history. He also has an extensive vintage sled collection. Craig is a paving contractor. Tom Otte, of Randolph, MN was elected to fill the remaining term as VP as Jon Carlson, of Mooresville, NC has retired from the board as well. Tom is a seed farmer and vintage collector, featuring John Deere sleds. Tom had been a factory racer for Deere in the 70s.

Crag said; “He looks forward to serving and helping the SHOF as it enters its next thirty years, preserving the history and honoring the heroes of the sport.” Craig reminds everyone that the raffles have started for a beautiful 1978 John Deere Liquifire and a 2014 Arctic Cat so visit our web site for information. The Hall of fame will be celebrating their 31st annual RIDE WITH THE CHAMPS sponsored by Modine HotDawg Garage Heaters and inductions on February 15, 2014. The SHOF operates a year around museum on Hwy 70 W in St. Germain, WI. Hours are 10-5 Thursday- Friday, 10-3, Saturday.

BBA 2013

BBA 2013 Teaser (official) from Schooled Films on Vimeo.

EvolvedSX Challenge Camp 2013

Don't let the swingset fool you, Zak Mason got some serious training done via Drew and EvolvedMX. Wasn't he the guy in front of you last season?

The EvolvedSX Challenge Camp is happening this week, August 26-30, and we will be updating this page all week with different stuff from the camp. Here’s the first intro from our leader Drew Robertson.

Some pics from Day 1 and course prep.

Before cartwheel. Don't try this at home people.

Morning warm up. So far so good.

That wall doesn't look so high!

Little push-up demo.

Over the logs and through the tires.

Testing fitness.

Taking a break, everyone looks tired. That's good!