Bunke Racing Announces 2012 Rider Lineup

Semi-Pro rider and 2011 USCC Rookie of the Year Spencer Kadlec will race a Polaris for Bunke Racing in 2012.

Moorhead, Minnesota (November 7, 2011) – Bunke Racing has expanded and is preparing for its biggest push ever on the USCC cross-country snowmobile racing circuit. For 2011-2012 the team will field two Pro riders, Gabe Bunke and rookie Pro Bobby Menne, Semi-Pro rider Spencer Kadlec and Pro Women rider Jen Fuller.

Bunke is a veteran rider and was Pro 600 points champion on the USCC circuit in 2007. Bunke has also won the Soo I-500 twice and will be looking to continue his record of success this season. Last season Menne was one of two riders who ruled the Semi-Pro classes on the USCC circuit. Menne won five races and stood on the podium 10 times on his way to finishing second in points in both Semi-Pro classes. At the final race on the USCC schedule Menne opted to race as a Pro and finished 6th in Pro 600. He will make his 2011-2012 Pro debut at the first race on the USCC schedule December 17, in Grafton, ND.

“I’m excited to finally be racing Pro,” Menne said. “I feel like it’s been a long time coming and I’m ready to go up against the big names in the sport.”

“We wouldn’t put Bobby in the Pro class if we didn’t think he was ready,” said Bunke. “Bobby’s a good racer and he showed a lot of speed and consistency last year and that is what you need to be successful in cross-country.”

Semi-Pro rider Spencer Kadlec will also be joining the Bunke Racing team this year. Kadlec, who hails from Staples, MN, was new to cross-country last season but got stronger and faster as the season wore on, so much so that he was named USCC’s Rookie of the Year. Kadlec started mid-pack but by the end of the season had one Semi-Pro 600 race win and five podium finishes. He placed 5th in Semi-Pro 600 points and 4th in Semi-Pro Improved.

“Bunke Racing has been looking to expand for more than a year, we just needed to find the right rider,” said Bunke. “Spencer was at the top of our list of riders we wanted to approach. He’s got a lot of experience racing dirt bikes, he proved he can race a sled last season and having him on the team is going to be great for all of us.”

“I’m looking forward to riding for Bunke Racing,” Kadlec said. “It will be a lot of change for me with a new sled and a new team, but it’s no different than what I did last year, so I expect to pick up where it left off – winning!”

Jen Fuller will represent Bunke Racing in the Pro Women class on the USCC circuit.

Also joining the Bunke Racing lineup is hillclimb and enduro racer Jen Fuller. Hailing from Saginaw, MI, Fuller is a lifelong snowmobiler and a student at Michigan Technological University studying Civil Engineering. Fuller’s race resume includes competing at the Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimb, a Queen Of The Hill title

from the Whealkate Winternationals Hillclimb in Houghton, MI, and a handful of podium finishes including a win last year at the Range Endurance Races in South Range, MI.

“Bunke Racing is going to help Jen get started in cross-country,” Bunke said. “She has never raced cross-country before but we feel with the experience she has we can help her win.”

Here is the complete 2011-2012 Bunke Racing team lineup:

Pro Open and Pro 600
Gabe Bunke
Bobby Menne

Spencer Kadlec

Pro Women
Jen Fuller

Shawn Arneson
Paul Kahtava
Jeff Klein
Matt Burkhardt

Team Managers
Gabe Bunke
Bob Menne III

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