Project Flatland Freeride: Larson Racing Equipped

Unless you race USCC cross-country you may never have heard of Larson Racing Products. They specialize in high quality billet aluminum parts for the Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500 and Sno Pro 600. Our sled already had a Larson Racing axle kit in it, but we wanted Larson Racing’s trick bent brake lever with the parking brake lockout too. We called Dean Larson to see what he thought of being a part of Project Flatland Freeride and he was more than happy to hook us up. Some readers may remember Dean from our feature on his daughter Sara’s 120 mod. Not only did Dean hook us up with the brake lever, he replaced our bent axle and threw in some aluminum shock spring collars. You can contact Larson Racing at 218-779-1991.

Here's what showed up at our shop door: one brake lever, one replacement axle and some shock spring collars. We'll only need them for the center shock, but that's a whole 'nother installment.

Here's what we discovered when we dug into the skid on our SP500: bent rail, bent axle, mild carnage.

Our pretzeled axle and the replacement. Larson Racing machines all its pars from billet aluminum. Nice stuff. The full kit comes with the axle, outer wheels, spacers and hardware.

Here's the complete axle kit from Larson Racing. For some reason whoever installed the axle kit in our sled did not use the aluminum track adjuster bushing Larson Racing supplies, they used the stock plastic ones. The axle kits provides extra support for the track as it passes over the rear axle.

There are a couple different rear axle kits on the market but we knew ours was a Larson Racing unit because the outer spacers were tapered. The other guys use straight ones. Remember, the Larson Racing axles have been tested and proven in cross-country by top Pros like I-500 winner Brian Dick. Troy DeWalt had one in his sled when he won the Soo in 2010 too.

Bent brake levers have been around since Jesus raced, but Jesus had to give up the parking brake feature seen here on the stock lever when he used one.

Installing the lever is super-simple, all you need is a phillips screwdriver and a pliers (or the correct size wrench).

Of course, Larson Racing was the first company to produce a bent lever with the parking brake feature. They started making these as a result of the USCC changing re-fueling rules to state that you could leave your sled running but the parking brake had to be applied while your sled was being re-fueled.

The bent lever makes it easier to grab the brake when you're hanging it all out on those flat-out river runs.

As you can see it follows the curve of the stock handlebars really well. We might put a little black hockey tape on ours just for some extra grippiness.

For more info and prices on Larson Racing Products click here.

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